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All New! ELM Reports Manager™ 3.1. ELM Reports Manager provides an easy to use compliment of application, server, reliability, and performance reports. Available now to current Premier Support Customers only.
ELM Enterprise Manager™ 3.1 is a comprehensive enterprise management system that gives IT administrators the Power to see the health and status of distributed systems with a single glance™...
ELM Log Manager™ 3.1 gives system and security administrators the Power to see™ all event-related data with unrivaled clarity...
ELM Performance Manager™ 3.1 gives system administrators the Power to see™ system performance with unequaled ease and simplicity...
ELM Software Development Kit 3.1
For Developers: The SDK is designed for administrators and developers who want to automate or integrate ELM functionality. It can also be used to integrate components into your own custom applications, or to integrate your own custom application into ELM 3.1...
Intact Account Manager™ enables you to delegate the ability to add and remove users and groups, unlock accounts, change passwords, and more...
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